A High-Speed Ink Jet Printer printing up to 20,000 pieces an hour with full color, full variable capability, and dynamic perf. Call your account manager or Contact Us to schedule a visit!


Our 5 ink jet printers give us the capability to address high volumes of mail quickly. While giving fast and efficient addressing options, we can add personalized messaging to increase reader attention and response rates, and print barcodes to take advantage of postal discounts. We have a variety of 4 inch and 6 inch print heads, which gives us greater flexibility in printing your piece with quality up to 600 DPI. We can print on porous or glossy materials including Tyvek®, and can accommodate any font or size in a variety of colors and at any angle.

This process supports printing in any font supported by Microsoft®. This offering gives great flexibility in your direct marketing approach and is a most valuable tool in presenting the highest quality print presentation.


Where the highest quality of print and variable data insertion within documents is required, this process will give you a professional presentation that will individualize each piece to your prospective client. Within each piece, you will be able to customize the variable data to reference customer numbers, loan or account balances, due dates, and other criteria as needed for your application. From as little as a few thousand pieces to mailings in the millions, this is a very effective tool for “one to one” marketing of your offering.


Business Cards, Magnets, Plastic Cards, Photos, Reply Envelopes and More!


Let us show you our capabilities to affix your card or refrigerator magnet to a host document. Our 3 Ga-Veheren Attachers give us a high volume capacity that's perfect for companies that send membership cards, magnets, gift cards, and other flat items to their customers. We can deliver over 1,000,000 attached cards per month. Let us show you what we can do.


This equipment allows us to perform a variety of tasks. We can affix labels or seals to many types of host documents. The size of the label can be as small as 1” x 1” and as large as 5” x 4”. Our most common application is affixing Post-It® Notes both on the inside and outside of your mailing project.


Weekley's offers both wafer sealing and gluing of self-mailers to allow you to qualify for automation postal discounts. We affix wafer seals in line with our addressing and/or folding process, saving you money. Are you looking for an alternative to wafer sealing? Something with a cleaner look? We offer a fold and glue option. Just speak with us during the design phase to ensure that the fold and glue option will work for your project.

Bursting and Interstacking

Do you have a need to match up to four pages of variable data? We have the solution. We are able to burst, trim, interstack and fold in one continuous operation. We can interstack up to four pages of variable information while maintaining the perfect match. This operation allows for a seamless process from rolled or continuous forms to trimmed and folded pieces, ready for insertion into virtually any size booklet envelope.

High-Speed Inserting

Weekley's has 3 Flowmaster® High-Speed Inserting Systems, all of which have the MCS Camera Matching Systems. Our camera matching systems will allow for exact match inserting of envelopes and letters at high speeds. Human intervention is reduced significantly as the process is continually verifying that sequence numbers match on each piece. The cameras can read data matrix 2D barcodes as well as OCR sequence numbers. If the camera systems detect a mismatch, the equipment stops.

This process is especially effective when used for mailings containing highly sensitive or personal information. We will guarantee a match between your personalized piece, personalized response piece, and your personalized carrier.


Data Processing


The primary mission of Weekley’s Data Processing Department is to save our customers money in postage costs. We have continually upgraded our software to stay on top of the constant changes in USPS rates and regulations. We offer a variety of special services, such as AccuTrace®, mail tracking, merge/purge, database management and de-dupe.


In order to qualify for postal discounts (workshare discounts), your mailing list must be run through the CASS system. It's a service offered to mailers that improves the accuracy of matching to delivery point codes, ZIP+4 codes, 5-digit ZIP Codes, and carrier route codes on mail pieces. CASS provides a common platform to measure the quality of address matching software and to diagnose and correct software problems. 


In order to qualify for postal discounts (workshare discounts), the USPS requires your mailing list to be run through a move-update program. Weekley's uses NCOA software, licensed by the USPS, will update addresses on your list by matching them to all Computerized Forwarding System units. The cost of this service is minimal when you consider the cost savings of mailing to the correct person at the correct address.


List Services

The best presentation directed to the wrong audience can only fail. Don’t let this happen to you! Weekley’s staff can assist you in finding the right list to use for your next direct mail campaign. We can provide local, national, consumer and business lists, one of which will be perfect for:

  • Targeted direct mail offers
  • Specific market penetration
  • Retail traffic generation
  • Market expansion
  • Political campaigns
  • Nationwide lead generation

You can chose from:

  • Specific ZIP codes or carrier routes
  • Geographic radius from your location
  • Lifestyle and income variables
  • Resident “Density” lists
  • Controlled circulation lists
  • Compiled business selects
  • Nationwide “Response” lists
  • Registered voter lists
  • SIC Codes, sales volume, number of employees and other selects

Call the list experts at Weekley’s today for a no-obligation quote or count.

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