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Convert your viewers through hyper-targeted direct mail!

Are you looking for a way to increase your "click to close" ratio?

In today's digital world, everyone is focused on their website and leveraging it to gain clients and close deals. Having a website is essential for business success and there are many other ways that business owners can boost their brand awareness and increase sales. These include digital marketing campaigns such as blogs, SEO, and social media engagement. Let's not forget the effectiveness of retargeting!

Most business owners are so caught up in trying to get leads digitally that they have all but forgotten the original and most effective way to get leads: direct mail! If you are looking for a cost-effective and easy way to increasing your brand awareness, retargeting tactics, and increase those sales, Weekley's Mailing Service has the solution for you.

WMSweb2mail Service

Introducing the WMSweb2mail solution- a direct mailing service that takes the customer engagement experience beyond just another physical direct mail piece. 

WMSweb2mail is a retargeting tool that focuses on all of the hard work you have already accomplished by doing all of the follow-up for you. This omnichannel retargeting marketing strategy creates targeted follow-up direct mail campaigns to remind your customers of why they came to your site in the first place and lead them back to you for your services or products. 

WMSweb2mail can track those who have digitally browsed your business, looked at a product or service, have read the reviews, or partially filled out a form and then left- all the while you didn't even know that they were there. Now sure, there are tools that will help you engage their IP address and continue to digitally market to them, but that just makes more work for you, and it isn't as effective as direct mail...

Our technology can help convert up to 50% of those interactions/visits to your website into physical addresses and more. Between the website technology and the extensive databases we cross-reference, we know a whole lot more about that person or entity that was just on your site and didn't buy. So, let's reinforce that experience with a physical retargeted direct mail piece based on their recent virtual visit.

Does it Work?

Yes, according to multiple studies on the response to physical mail, customers are more likely to remember and purchase from your brand after seeing it in their hands. 

  • Direct mail campaigns require 21% less cognitive effort to process, so it's easier for people to take in the information and store it. 
  • Recipient recall is 70% higher if they are exposed to direct mail rather than a digital ad. 
  • Activation in part of the brain that corresponds to motivation response is 20% higher for direct mail. 
  • Direct mail typically has a 5% response rate: if you send 1000 pieces, you could convert 50 prospects into customers. With WMSweb2mail hyper-targeted mailings, your response rate may be as high as 20%, meaning for the same 1000 pieces, your conversions could be four times as high, roughly 200 prospects. 

Learn More About WMSweb2mail Solution

If you are looking for more ways to increase your business, contact us at Weekley's Mailing Service to learn more about this service and how well it can work for you!

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