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Weekley’s Mailing has a warehouse on site! Located near 71 and 480 in Berea, we have 600 pallets of open space available now and want you to safely store with us. Looking for temporary storage? Something more long-term? Weekley’s Mailing operates through the entire year, so no matter your time frame, we’ll be there and so will your items. Our warehouse service is climate controlled and dock high. We have customer service and can assist you during our business hours, 7:30 am-5:00 pm, Monday through Friday. 


Why Weekley's Warehousing?Dock High and Climate Controlled Warehouse in Berea, Ohio

Weekley’s offers dock high and climate controlled warehousing. As a result, items and personal effects that require constant access are not typically stored here. Our warehouse stores items that require climate controlled storage, dock-high storage, or long-term storage for smaller items. As a result, we take great care in maintaining a clean and secure environment for your items.
Looking for a boat storage alternative to the expensive marinas around Lake Erie? Weekley’s warehouse is climate controlled and can secure your boat storage for the cold months. Read more on climate controlled storage below.


Climate controlled storage means that in addition to controlling the temperature, the humidity is also controlled. This allows for the storage of items that are sensitive to temperature changes and moisture. Our climate controlled storage can store the item types listed below and more.

  • Raw Materials
  • Packing materials
  • Spare parts
  • Components
  • Agriculture Finished Goods
  • Manufacturing and production items
  • Pallets of envelopes, forms, letterhead, marketing materials, or other paper/stock
  • Equipment
  • Vintage Cars
  • Small Boats

Our storage cost starts at $8.00/month per pallet. If you’re interested in saving time and money by storing at Weekley’s, call Christian to make arrangements at (440) 234-4325 EXT. 2.


Don’t have the time or a dock high truck to come and store yourself? No worries! We offer pickup and delivery with labor cost at $7.80/pallet. For dock high pickup and delivery, we charge a $25 flat rate and $1.90/mile. We do implement a $50 minimum for this service. Our warehouse services and pickup and delivery are safe, secure, and insured.

Want to bring it in yourself? No problem! Just remember, the party that purchased the space is responsible for safely transporting and storing any items. Weekley’s will be there to get you into the warehouse and answer any questions you have when you come to store your items.

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