Weekley's Acquires Cleveland Letter Service, Inc.

Weekley’s Mailing Service has announced its acquisition of Cleveland Letter Service. Weekley’s Mailing Service, which has been in operation for over 60 years, is excited and grateful for the new opportunities that Cleveland Letter Service will bring.

Christian Weekley, General Manager of Weekley’s Mailing Service, had this to say regarding the acquisition:

Christian Weekley | Weekley's acquires Cleveland Letter Service, Inc.“Barney Janes has owned the company (Cleveland Letter Service, Inc.) for over 40 years, and he decided to retire. He and my dad have been friends for many years and they both felt that this union was a perfect fit. His daughter Jill and Art Vance, their other account manager, have joined us and thankfully all of their clients have moved to Weekley’s with them. With a seamless transition, this brings together two industry icons, with over 100 years of experience in the printing and direct mail business.”


With the addition of Jill and Art, Weekley’s is able to benefit from their expertise and talent built up within Cleveland Letter Service and can now expand their operations to new clients, offering them even more printing and direct mail options.

As we move forward, Weekley’s is determined to continue its growth as a leader in the mail service industry. Christian indicated that strategic acquisitions like this may be on the horizon, as opportunities to absorb other local or regional mail service companies emerge. Cleveland Letter Service was a friendly competitor and being able to absorb the company by bringing on their talented staff not only increases Weekley’s reach and depth, but also continues to secure their legacy as the thought leaders and fulfillment masters, within the mail service industry.

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Located in Berea, OH, Weekley’s has been providing our clients with mail service solutions for over 60 years all over the United States. Our services include addressing, attachments, laser printing and more!

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