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The legacy of Weekley’s Mailing Service goes back almost 70 years, and the impact they are having on the individuals, entities and communities they serve is stronger than ever today!

Here, within the direct mail service industry, Weekley’s prides itself on working with clients during the design phase to examine how the piece fits in with postal regulations and to guide the client on recommended mail-piece construction and printing methods.

One of the owners, Christian Weekley, elaborates on some of the projects that their capabilities are best suited for…

Christian Weekley | President Weekley's Mailing Service“Anybody that’s mailing anything in bulk, which is usually 500 pieces or more, and anybody that’s sending out variable information.”

She continues…

“Anybody that’s sending multiple pieces that are personalized that need to be a match would be a good fit here. Anybody sending attachment pieces, like magnets, discount cards, credit cards, anything where you are going to attach a small flat object to the mailer.”

Christian is a third-generation leader within the family-owned business, but also loves to let all their long time clients and partners understand that “My dad still comes in almost every day”!

During the digital boom, Christian acknowledges that the company took a hit, as did many other businesses considered part of the “traditional print and media” industry. Since returning to the business in 2012, she and her dad and the Weekley’s team have not only been able to recover quickly, but expand their operation and capabilities through strategic acquisition (i.e Cleveland Letter).

What’s Ahead for Weekley's Mailing in the Future?

As Christian looks to the future, she enthusiastically speaks of the integration between physical mail pieces and technology. The marriage of the two is the focus of messaging coming straight from Megan Brennan,Postmaster General, to revolutionize the way we send and receive information through the post office. Weekley’s will also continue to be on the lookout for smaller, local companies to acquire if the opportunity presents itself. Weekley’s recognizes that the best way for them to continue to grow and better support their clients is by purchasing and implementing new technologies, and leveraging the incredible talents contained within their team.

Whatever the future holds, they are prepared. Christian says “One thing is certain with mail, it will change.”

For anyone who wants to get more information about how Weekley’s might be able to support their project, or for any other questions, please call 440-234-4325 or visit our contact us page and fill out the form.


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The AcceleJet Color Ink Jet Finishing System is a High-Speed Ink Jet Printer that allows printing up to 20,000 pieces an hour with full color, full variable capability, and dynamic perf. Take a Look at the AcceleJet in Action: The AcceleJet Color Ink Jet Finishing System at Weekleys Mailing Service: Call your account manager or Contact Us to schedule a visit! Contact Us

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Weekleys Mailing was featured in a Printing Impressions last week after signing off on an AcceleJet Roll-to-Sheet System. Pitney Bowes offers the widest portfolio of inkjet format sizes among the industry and they are pleased to welcome Weekleys Mailing to our growing AcceleJet family according to Grant Miller (Printing Impressions, 2017). This system is a roll to cut-sheet printing solution whos cost compares to monochrome options while it brings a simple path to 100% variable data color inkjet. This system is ideal for creating stronger pieces for bills, statements, enrollment forms and offers. Our president, Christian Weekley, says... We wanted to bring the best technology and best practices to better serve our customers. Not only will it displace several toner printers, the AcceleJet will change the game for us in terms of delivering high-quality color print output for our customers. Weekleys Mailing service is a highly capable Lettershopservicing Cleveland for 70 years. Check

How Does Direct Mail Work?

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March 16, 2017 Category: General

If direct mail is new to your marketing strategy, you probably have a few questions about the best way to deliver your finished mail pieces to their intended recipients. How significant are bulk discounts? What is presorted mail? And how can you easily take advantage of these postal logistics strategies? The rules and regulations of the USPS can get complicated, but the concepts are pretty straightforward. Companies can save both time and money on larger mailings by participating in the USPS work-share program. The more of the USPSs work can be done BEFORE the mail is presented to the Post Office, the greater the savings that you will enjoy. In order to take advantage of presorted mail savings, every piece of mail must go through a stringent preparation process before it is ready to be shipped to its destination. The process begins by certifying each address using CASS (Coding Accuracy Support System) software and checking against the NCOA (National Change of Address) database. Letters

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