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Author: Brian Pritchard

Weekley's Acquires Cleveland Letter Service, Inc.

By Brian Pritchard
April 13, 2016 Category: General

Weekleys Mailing Service has announced its acquisition of Cleveland Letter Service. Weekleys Mailing Service, which has been in operation for over 60 years, is excited and grateful for the new opportunities that Cleveland Letter Service will bring. Christian Weekley, General Manager of Weekleys Mailing Service, had this to say regarding the acquisition: Barney Janes has owned the company (Cleveland Letter Service, Inc.) for over 40 years, and he decided to retire. He and my dad have been friends for many years and they both felt that this union was a perfect fit. His daughter Jill and Art Vance, their other account manager, have joined us and thankfully all of their clients have moved to Weekleys with them. With a seamless transition, this brings together two industry icons, with over 100 years of experience in the printing and direct mail business. With the addition of Jill and Art, Weekleys is able to benefit from their expertise and talent built up within Cleveland Letter Service

Where We Are, Where We've Been and Where We're Going

By Brian Pritchard
March 26, 2016 Category: General

The legacy of Weekleys Mailing Service goes back almost 70 years, and the impact they are having on the individuals, entities and communities they serve is stronger than ever today! Here, within the direct mail service industry, Weekleys prides itself on working with clients during the design phase to examine how the piece fits in with postal regulations and to guide the client on recommended mail-piece construction and printing methods. One of the owners, Christian Weekley, elaborates on some of the projects that their capabilities are best suited for Anybody thats mailing anything in bulk, which is usually 500 pieces or more, and anybody thats sending out variable information. She continues Anybody thats sending multiple pieces that are personalized that need to be a match would be a good fit here. Anybody sending attachment pieces, like magnets, discount cards, credit cards, anything where you are going to attach a small flat object to the mailer. Christian is a third-generation

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