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How Does Direct Mail Work?

By Christian Weekley
March 16, 2017 Category: General

If direct mail is new to your marketing strategy, you probably have a few questions about the best way to deliver your finished mail pieces to their intended recipients. How significant are bulk discounts? What is presorted mail? And how can you easily take advantage of these postal logistics strategies? The rules and regulations of the USPS can get complicated, but the concepts are pretty straightforward. Companies can save both time and money on larger mailings by participating in the USPS work-share program. The more of the USPSs work can be done BEFORE the mail is presented to the Post Office, the greater the savings that you will enjoy. In order to take advantage of presorted mail savings, every piece of mail must go through a stringent preparation process before it is ready to be shipped to its destination. The process begins by certifying each address using CASS (Coding Accuracy Support System) software and checking against the NCOA (National Change of Address) database. Letters

Weekley's Announces New Officers

By Christian Weekley
January 13, 2017 Category: General

Weekleys Mailing Service is sorry to share the sad news of the passing of our President, Tom Weekley. We have lost an icon in our industry. Weekleys was started by Toms parents in 1948. He took over at the helm more than 30 years ago, then passed the leadership to his daughter, Christian, four years ago. Weekleys looks forward to carrying on the family tradition, and announces new officers. Christian Weekley President Andrea Ward Vice President of Customer Relations Jerry Milton Vice President of Operations Margaret Weekley Secretary Morgane Weekley Treasurer Please call or stop in. We would love to assist with your next mailing project.

Mail Anywhere, Pay Anywhere

By Christian Weekley
January 18, 2016 Category: General

Weekleys is now certified for the Mail Anywhere program with the United States Post Office. This program is available to only those mail preparers who have mailed at a Full-Service Intelligent Mail level of at least 90% during the month prior to application. We are committed to maintaining this level of Full-Service preparation. This allows our customers to maintain a single permit to enter and pay for all mailings across the country. Your local permit may be used at any postal location across the country. Permit imprints, Pre-cancelled stamps, Meter marks and Periodicals all qualify. Please contact us to find out how you can Mail Anywhere and Pay Anywhere.

Full-Service Intelligent Mail Barcode

By Christian Weekley
January 18, 2016 Category: General

Weekleys now processes all eligible mail with the Full-Service Intelligent Mail barcode. This allows you to track your mail through the postal mail stream, to claim the maximum postal discounts, and to participate in all postal promotions. We also offer Accutrace service, which is a very user-friendly way of managing the USPS provided tracking information. It provides colorful easy-to-use graphs which allow you to see where your mail is and to properly prepare your call centers and staffing to accommodate the responses to your mailing. Ask us how Full-Service mailing can benefit you.

Weekley's is Proud to Announce

By Christian Weekley
August 27, 2015 Category: General

Weekleys is proud to announce that Cleveland Letter Service is joining us. We welcome Jill Janes and Art Vance and their clients, and we wish Barney Janes a happy retirement.

Weekley's Mailing Service is Now a Registered Supplier for the Republican National Convention

By Christian Weekley
August 11, 2015 Category: General

Weekleys is a registered supplier for the RNC. Let us help you with your political mailings.

Why Choose Mail to Get Your Message Out There?

By Christian Weekley
April 23, 2014 Category: General

In many markets fewer than 35% of households get a newspaper / but every home has a mailbox. Very few consumers between the ages of 22 and 39 read the paper / but each one checks their mail daily. There are now over 400 TV channels for consumers to watch / but each person only has one mail box. Local retailers cant reach satellite radio customers / but they all stop at the end of the driveway to get their mail each day. Every form of advertising has increased in retail price except direct mail.

Folded Self-Mailer Guidelines

By Christian Weekley
July 27, 2012 Category: General

Please see the current USPS guidelines for self-mailers. FSMReference

Weekley's New Laser Prep Process

By Christian Weekley
July 03, 2012 Category: General

We are migrating our Variable Laser Print Processing from Microsoft Word Documents (.doc .docx) to Adobe pdfs. We are asking our Customers to supply us with a finished sized pdf when possible. One Without: Printer Marks Crop Marks Variable Field Markers Please advise if these are not available of if we need to contact a third party (designer, printer, etc.). Thank you.

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